Foosball Foos Shot
Blocking the opponent’s shot and passing or kicking it back to their own goal.
Bank Foosball Shot
Bouncing the ball off the wall at a proper angle to strike a goal shot.
Foosball Trick Shots
Expert level skills to trick the opponent into leaving an open space.
Spray Foosball Shot
Shooting the ball to a diagonal angle to find an accurate path.

Offensive 5-Bar Passing

Handling the ball at the 5-bar passing is the most crucial part of the game to pass it to the offensive 3 bar and maximise the opportunities to strike a goal.

  • You have a 10 second time limit to shoot or pass.
  • To pass the ball through your opponents 5-Bar to your Offensive 3-Bar.
  • Move the ball between your men on rod.

Official Foosball Rules

All the rules that you needed to know about foosball in one place. Now, become a pro and learn the tricks that make you stand out on the table once you are in the game.

Rules & Tips

Learn the rules and tips from the professionals to become a professional foosball player and represent your team as the most skilled player with the trick shots you will not find anywhere else.

No Spinning

 A spin is a rule for when the rod completes a 360 degree rotation without touching the ball.

Rules Of Play


I have been learning foos ball from the tutorial videos over here, I just got myself a new outdoor Foosball table for my backyard and I have significantly improved from not being able to handle the ball at all to making some real sick shots at times.

Ruth E. Yin

I have been a professional player since 2011, but I still prefer to come to this website to learn what is new and yet to be discovered by players and they never fail to surprise.

Stan H. Hsu

I have just joined the community, and the people are friendly and supportive in teaching. It is good sometimes just to have fun with the professionals and get to hear their experiences.

Leo C. Timpson

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Foosball Apps For IOS And Android

Foosball is indeed a great game to play when you are with your friends. The foosball table has become an iconic symbol when it comes to indoor games because of how it was represented in the hit TV show FRIENDS. The foosball table has immense importance in that show, and the same can be said for it in the real world. If you do not have enough space for a foosball table in your house, you can just play it on your phone or mobile device like a tablet. An iPad would be optimal for you to play foosball on account of its big screen. The biggest platforms in the world, IOS and Android have come up with multiple foosball apps that work amazingly well. Most of the games come out first on the IOS platform and then, later on, the Play store gets it for Android. Here is a list of some very fun foosball games that are available on both platforms.

both platforms

–    Foosball Cup by Ludus Studio is one of the best foosball games that is available because it has proven to be incredibly realistic. It has serviced thousands of fans, and more and more people are getting to know about it. It has many options where you can play with you friends, and you can even play with people online.

–    Lets Foosball Free – Table Football By Nieto Tech Co is also an excellent and highly recommended app which is available on the App Store for IOS users. It has an impressive 4.2 score out of a possible 5. You have many options where you can change certain settings of the game to make it more enjoyable for you.

–    Foosball by White Collar Games has a simple design. It is not as good as the ones above, but it can certainly serve as a good app if you are in the mood of playing foosball. You can adjust the players’ layout and even the duration of matches. You can also play around with different modes in the game.

–    Foosball by Illusion Labs has so much better graphics than the one above. You can even install this on your PC if need be and play with your friends. There are 3 different difficulty levels for you to choose from. You will find that you can easily conquer each difficulty level as you keep playing.

These are some of the games. I think you may enjoy in each 0f the platforms. Some phones may not be compatible on Android. On IOS, all phones from iPhone 6 are compatible with all the IOS Foosball games that are on this list. Make sure that your device is updated to the latest software.

Accessories to Enhance Your Foosball Table Experience

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday or just a casual day at work, foosball can elevate your mood and experience. The game frequently played by Joey and Chandler from the hit sitcom ‘Friends’ is famous among all age groups of players. But certain accessories help to up the playing experience to a large extent. So here are some great accessories to enhance your foosball table experience.

Custom Foosball Players

One of the essential parts of the foosball table are the players. They are your items of control with which you tend to score points. Hence why always rely on the same old players? Foosball table comes with various types of players in different styles and shapes. So change a few players and begin the madness.

Foosball Table Legs Levelers

Legs Levelers

If there is one thing that prevents your table from shaking and causing interruptions, then that is the foosball table legs levellers. While purchasing or upgrading them, one must go in for the thick legs rather than skinny legs. This is because thick legs help to provide your table with stability and give you enough control.

Foosball Table Rods

If there is a part that you want to take care of, then it has to be the foosball rod as it is one of the most expensive items on the table. These rods predict the speed of the game and also your manoeuvring skills. To enhance your experience, one must always prefer rods that are not heavy. Such rods help to increase your ability to perform and score.

Foosball Balls

Just like the wide variety of players, these balls too come in different styles and quality. Due to demand in foosball tables, manufacturers have made balls in different categories such as cork balls, textured balls and also traditional soccer balls. In this regard, you must find a ball through which you are comfortable in pinning down the table with the foosball players.

Foosball Table Cup Holders

Except for a few, a majority of the foosball tables do not have this feature. Cup holders come with quality foosball tables that let you keep a cup in it, allowing you to enjoy a drink while playing.

Foosball Bumpers

If your table lacks these, then you have been playing without sufficient protection. These bumpers prevent the man from hitting the wall and also provides adequate gaps for the movement of the players.

Foosball Table Light

Having sufficient lighting above your head helps to provide you with focus and eye-coordination. These table lights can go a long way in enhancing your ability as they focus only on the table and nothing else. Hence make sure you have all these accessories fitted in your table for more amount of fun.



Myths About Foosball Tables

The competition between you and your friends might be high when it comes to foosball. You always want to win and will try all means possible to achieve that. Since the sport is hugely famous and everyone plays it, there lies a natural urge for us to believe in a lot of myths associated with the game. So to help you out, here are some of the most famous myths about foosball tables.

1. Cannot be Customized

One primary belief among a lot of people is that foosball tables cannot be customized to suit the desired level of enjoyment. But that is entirely wrong as manufacturers have come with offers that let you customize your table for a reasonable cost satisfying all your requirements. Hence you can make it match any room in the office or at home.

2. Takes Time to Assemble

Time to Assemble

This is one of the main reasons why your friends only show up once you’re done with installing the table. Foosball tables do have a lot of parts, but that does mean they take a long time to get assembled into one. By following specific instructions, one can quickly finish the process of assembling the table within a matter of no time. If you’re still finding it hard, there are numerous services offered by manufacturers, where they arrive at your doorstep and leave once they have finished.

3. Nobody Takes ITSF and USTSF into Consideration

Again another misconception. ITSF and USTSF stand for the International Table Soccer Federation and the United States Table Soccer Federation. So having their recognition on a table typically means that the brand is of good quality whereas you know what to expect from tables which do not carry such marks. Hence buy accordingly.

4. The Rods are not Dangerous

The Rods

Rods by far are one of the most important aspects of a foosball table. Without these rods, one cannot even play the game. But many people assume these rods cannot cause any damage. This is completely wrong, as an individual can be stabbed or poked with these rods. Such instances can lead to adverse effects on the human body. Hence always be careful while playing foosball.

5. Originated in the US

Many people believe that as a game, foosball originated first in the US rather than any other place in the world.  This belief is entirely wrong as the game was popular in Europe and other overseas markets even before it made its entry to the USA. But over the years the game has attained immense popularity in the country beating sales records to a considerable extent. Many consider it to be a mode of enjoyment and relaxation, which is one of the main reasons why it made its way into office spaces.

Benefits of Playing Foosball

One does not actually require a reason to start playing foosball as the game is very addictive and fun at the same time. Lazy afternoons and extended board meetings are a few of the reasons why people begin playing these games in the first place. But out of the hundreds if your still a person who does not play this game, then we hope you change your mind once you hear these benefits.

Enhances Social Skills

Social Skills

In the day and age of Instagram, it is quite hard to predict the last time you had a meaningful conversation. As humans, we require to socialize once in a while to enhance our social skills and also prevent ourselves from facing any sort of mental health. Foosball is one of the ideal ways to socialize as it provides the scope for two players to go at a game in order to win. Hence form a group and begin the madness.

Happiness at an Affordable Rate

Foosball always stands out in a competition against other games either due to its price or the amount of fun. Foosball comes at an affordable rate which you will soon describe as value for money, after a couple of games on the table. The amount of fun and enjoyment one receives through this game cannot be explained but experienced.

Mood Enhancer

Deadlines, targets and board meetings are few of the events which happen at an office space. Consistent manner of work will always drive an individual towards boredom and makes them dull or tired. Foosball is one of those games which will help to raise your mood as you tend to play it against another individual. It is also a healthier option during times of stress when compared to smoking a cigarette.

Family Time

Like the olden days, members of the family don’t really meet each other in the 21st century. This can be due to a variety of reasons. But bringing out activities that are fun and lets everyone on board is essential to spend quality time with your family members. While it might be pretty bad to think of reasons to unite with your family members, it is not wrong to make that reason fun and entertaining. Hence make sure that Dad doesn’t get away with those points.

For All

Foosball is not a game which requires you to follow a specific set of rules and regulations to play and have fun. The rules are simple and similar to football. Hence this makes the game an ideal match for everyone and anyone. It’s a good game of bonding as it helps you connect with an individual and begin conversations which might last forever.

The basics of Foosball

Foosball is not rocket science as it is quite simple to play and enjoy. But that does not mean that the game does not include basic rules and regulations. Like any other game, Foosball also has specific provisions to be followed while playing to enhance the experience and have maximum enjoyment. So let’s learn some of the basics associated with this game.

The Objective

One of the essential parts of the game, which can also be called objective is to let the ball enter the opponent’s court. Each side includes four rods which control around 13 players. Due to all this, you require enough experience and skills to top this game as one cannot get the hang of this by just playing it once. So keep trying until you reach a level where you can beat the opponent in a matter of no time.

The Objective

The Grip

As you tend to rely on the rod for most of your gaming, it is quite crucial for you to get a grip on it. Having a grip over the rod is essential for you to better your gaming experience and maintain a certain level. Learning how to hold and move the rod is necessary to improve your manoeuvring skills and score a goal with ease. This grip should also not cause any harm to your hand as the rods in the foosball table are quite dangerous.

The Shoot

The Shoot

This step is highly dependent on the previous one. If you do not get a firm grip, then you will not be able to shoot and score whereas a firm grip will let you move from one rod to another in a matter of no time. Once your grip is in place, then the next move depends on your wrist. Your wrist handles most of the objectives here because if you can quickly move those wrists, then you can score a goal. This move requires speed, so your wrists should be quick enough.


One cannot win the game by just shooting the ball, as you also need to defend it at times. While playing defence, you must always ensure that a particular player is still in front. Hence do not keep striking the ball at times, instead mix it up with a little defence.

The Serve

The gameplay always requires you to serve the ball with your 5-bar. But there are other techniques and methods to be followed while serving and you need to find one which is suitable for you if you wish to serve well. Your serves must be efficient enough as it should reach your players without going for your opponents. This is a critical move as it establishes the rest of the game forward.

Foosball Table: A Great Addition To Your Office

If you have seen the hit TV show FRIENDS, you will know that a foosball table plays an important role in the lives of two main characters. Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani build their best friendship by playing foosball whenever they are in their apartment. They actually buy this table unintentionally because their older table was broken by Joey, this time they decide to buy the foosball table together, and they have the best time when they play against each other. Whenever I see a foosball table, I am reminded of their amazing friendship and how a table played a part in them being so close.

A foosball table is considered a great addition to any home or office because it shows that your office is not too serious and not too strict. You can play a game of foosball whenever you are feeling burnt out or too overworked. A foosball table in the break room would be such a great team-building tool. It promotes co-workers to play against each other. Just like how it helped Chandler and Joey it will help you connect with your teammates on a great level. It has proven to be such a great accessory to your office because it will make your employees feel happy to hang out in the break room and decompress. When people hang out, they get closer. That would be good for a team.

A foosball table acts as an anti-stress device. You will get a great feeling when you are playing it. It will also give you a great feeling when you win. It has a way of reducing your stress and will also help you with the pending work for the day. If you work in a job where you have to deal with customers, you will certainly thank the foosball table because, after you deal with customers who may or may not have been rude to you, you can go to the break room and de-stress.

There are some foosball tables which have a feature which lets you put a fiber or glass piece on the top, and that will convert it into a typical table. So, this means you and your co-workers can actually sit and enjoy a nice meal around a great table. Not to mention, the actual game of foosball is actually a lot of fun. You choose sides, and you play against a friend or co-worker. There will be a ball inside the table that is being kicked around by plastic players who have a metal bar through their hips. There is also a pre-installed scoreboard provided at each side so that you can keep track of the score.

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