Accessories to Enhance Your Foosball Table Experience

Accessories to Enhance Your Foosball Table Experience

Foosball Balls

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday or just a casual day at work, foosball can elevate your mood and experience. The game frequently played by Joey and Chandler from the hit sitcom ‘Friends’ is famous among all age groups of players. But certain accessories help to up the playing experience to a large extent. So here are some great accessories to enhance your foosball table experience.

Custom Foosball Players

One of the essential parts of the foosball table are the players. They are your items of control with which you tend to score points. Hence why always rely on the same old players? Foosball table comes with various types of players in different styles and shapes. So change a few players and begin the madness.

Foosball Table Legs Levelers

Legs Levelers

If there is one thing that prevents your table from shaking and causing interruptions, then that is the foosball table legs levellers. While purchasing or upgrading them, one must go in for the thick legs rather than skinny legs. This is because thick legs help to provide your table with stability and give you enough control.

Foosball Table Rods

If there is a part that you want to take care of, then it has to be the foosball rod as it is one of the most expensive items on the table. These rods predict the speed of the game and also your manoeuvring skills. To enhance your experience, one must always prefer rods that are not heavy. Such rods help to increase your ability to perform and score.

Foosball Balls

Just like the wide variety of players, these balls too come in different styles and quality. Due to demand in foosball tables, manufacturers have made balls in different categories such as cork balls, textured balls and also traditional soccer balls. In this regard, you must find a ball through which you are comfortable in pinning down the table with the foosball players.

Foosball Table Cup Holders

Except for a few, a majority of the foosball tables do not have this feature. Cup holders come with quality foosball tables that let you keep a cup in it, allowing you to enjoy a drink while playing.

Foosball Bumpers

If your table lacks these, then you have been playing without sufficient protection. These bumpers prevent the man from hitting the wall and also provides adequate gaps for the movement of the players.

Foosball Table Light

Having sufficient lighting above your head helps to provide you with focus and eye-coordination. These table lights can go a long way in enhancing your ability as they focus only on the table and nothing else. Hence make sure you have all these accessories fitted in your table for more amount of fun.



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