Myths About Foosball Tables

Myths About Foosball Tables

Foosball Tables

The competition between you and your friends might be high when it comes to foosball. You always want to win and will try all means possible to achieve that. Since the sport is hugely famous and everyone plays it, there lies a natural urge for us to believe in a lot of myths associated with the game. So to help you out, here are some of the most famous myths about foosball tables.

1. Cannot be Customized

One primary belief among a lot of people is that foosball tables cannot be customized to suit the desired level of enjoyment. But that is entirely wrong as manufacturers have come with offers that let you customize your table for a reasonable cost satisfying all your requirements. Hence you can make it match any room in the office or at home.

2. Takes Time to Assemble

Time to Assemble

This is one of the main reasons why your friends only show up once you’re done with installing the table. Foosball tables do have a lot of parts, but that does mean they take a long time to get assembled into one. By following specific instructions, one can quickly finish the process of assembling the table within a matter of no time. If you’re still finding it hard, there are numerous services offered by manufacturers, where they arrive at your doorstep and leave once they have finished.

3. Nobody Takes ITSF and USTSF into Consideration

Again another misconception. ITSF and USTSF stand for the International Table Soccer Federation and the United States Table Soccer Federation. So having their recognition on a table typically means that the brand is of good quality whereas you know what to expect from tables which do not carry such marks. Hence buy accordingly.

4. The Rods are not Dangerous

The Rods

Rods by far are one of the most important aspects of a foosball table. Without these rods, one cannot even play the game. But many people assume these rods cannot cause any damage. This is completely wrong, as an individual can be stabbed or poked with these rods. Such instances can lead to adverse effects on the human body. Hence always be careful while playing foosball.

5. Originated in the US

Many people believe that as a game, foosball originated first in the US rather than any other place in the world.  This belief is entirely wrong as the game was popular in Europe and other overseas markets even before it made its entry to the USA. But over the years the game has attained immense popularity in the country beating sales records to a considerable extent. Many consider it to be a mode of enjoyment and relaxation, which is one of the main reasons why it made its way into office spaces.

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